Napa and shrimp

Nappa and shrimp

Napa and shrimp

Once again, an unfortunate picture spoils my attempt to demonstrate yumminess. Sigh.

The main dish was grâce à a new recipe that Yusuke found on the Japanese version of the Kikkoman website. There’s an English version of the site, too, but apparently it’s not nearly as good vis-à-vis recipes as well as goofy animation. Personally, I think it would be much easier to compile Japanese recipes that don’t use soy sauce, but that’s beside the point. So the dish consists of napa (a type of leafy Chinese cabbage) boiled in white wine, shrimp, and naturally, soy sauce. And that’s pretty much it. The cabbage had a nice sweetness that was brought out by the wine, and you can’t go wrong with shrimp. The miso soup has tofu and wakame.

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