Garlic sprouts stir fry

Garlic sprouts stir fry

Garlic sprouts stir fry

This stir fry of chicken, carrots, and garlic sprouts was a bit different from Yusuke’s “standard” ingredients. The sauce is primarily miso, mixed with sake, soy sauce, and sugar. I had never tasted garlic sprouts before Yusuke made this recipe for the first time. We can only buy them at our neighbourhood Korean grocery (also our rice supplier).

I should clarify that in doing “research” for this post, I found that “garlic scapes” or “stems” or “tops” are more common terms. I’m not sure where Yusuke got the word “sprouts,” since it doesn’t seem to be too common. Perhaps a slight mistranslation. Anyway, they’re the fabulously bright green long thingies that grows out garlic bulbs. And they are aromatic, making them extremely tasty in stir fries. But perhaps not the best meal to have before, say, a job interview, or a meeting with the queen.

I can’t quite recall the specifics of the miso soup… Suffice to say, it was good.



  1. Deb said

    You should post a ‘shopping list’ sometime – I’d like to try some of the recipes and want to know what staples you use most often.

  2. uinen said

    Sure, I’ll put together a list (a good post idea!) Do you have a Korean or Japanese grocery store in your neck of the woods?

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