Jun-i Lunch

Miso soup

Sushi and sashimi: wow


Chocolate cake

Last Friday, Yusuke and I decided to have a special lunch out. We had our hearts set on trying Mange Boire, which, despite the name, is a Japanese fusion restaurant. He had found it to be highly recommended on a Japanese social networking site. We checked the restaurant’s hours on their website and headed out. Sadly, when we got there, we found a sign on the door with their new hours—and they’re not open for lunch. Boo. We were in Little Italy, but we had had our appetites all prepared for fancy Japanese food, and Guido’s Pizza just wasn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, we had been to a similar fancy-schmancy Japanese fusion place before, and we had packed our transit system map, so after a short trip on a bus packed with rowdy middle-schoolers (whose French I could almost understand!), we arrived at Jun-i, where the chef greeted us in Japanese as we came in. Yay.

We ordered the lunch table d’hôte, which is extremely pricey, but not to the outrageous levels of the dinner menu. We started with miso soup with tiny cubes of tofu, wakame, and enoki mushrooms. Yusuke said it was perfect. Indeed, it tasted completely different from the soup in the more run of the mill restaurants. For the main course, we both chose the chef’s selection of sushi and sashimi, the fabulosity of which is reflected in the picture. I especially liked the hamachi (yellow fin tuna) sashimi and the maki (roll) with eel. Last, for dessert, I choose the cream cheese mousse with a green tea cookie, and Yusuke picked chocolate cake with orange pieces and vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was better than any I’d ever tasted. It wasn’t too sweet at all; I think they must have made their own with real vanilla beans. All in all, it was a highly enjoyable splurge.


  1. […] To start, we chose the fabulous miso soup and kaiso salad—several types of seaweed with a shiso vinaigrette. We also had warm sake served in chic square glasses and a square pitcher. Not quite as smooth as the sake that I had in Japan, but it still had the intended effect. Next was the sashimi appetizer, with each piece accompanied by a different sauce. The salmon went with umeboshi (pickled plum) and maple syrup, the hamachi had ginger and yuzu, the scallop had green tea, etc. And then we had more sushi: ikura (salmon roe), kani maki (spicy crab rolls), unagi (eel), and salmon. I selected the unagi and ikura, both of which I had for the first time in Japan. Both were (nearly) as good at Jun-i. I love how the ikura bubbles explode into liquid in your mouth… For dessert, we picked the linguistically confused “ringo tartatin”: apples sautéed in cinnamon and ginger, served with foamy cream and a sable cookie. Yup. Splurge. More pictures from our last visit are here […]

  2. […] fish, seaweed Per tradition, here is documentation of our latest Jun-i feast (see previously here, here, and […]

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