Spicy cabbage stir fry

Spicy cabbage stir fry

Spicy cabbage stir fry

This dish is a Chinese-style stir fry. Sadly, the photo is truly awful. I’ll have to take another picture next Yusuke makes it. The cabbage and carrots actually retain their colour…they’re not really that weird yellowish-white. When Yusuke makes this dish, he varies the veggies that he uses with the cabbage and carrots: this time was green onions and bean sprouts. For the sauce, he uses tobanjan, which is a very spicy Chinese chili bean paste. Sometimes he adds enough to make me sweat, which is quite nice, even in hot weather. The spiciness is balanced with a Japanese sweet bean paste, along with the usual garlic and ginger. The spicy taste is kind of addictive. I always want just another taste, and then a little more rice to neutralize the spice, then just one more taste, then just a bit more rice… Yeah.

I made the soup, which came out ok, but it wasn’t quite right to go with the stir fry. I like miso soup better with spicy dishes like this. Anyway, I cooked mushrooms and white onions in white wine, garlic, and ginger, and then added vegetable broth and soy sauce, and then salt and pepper. I also used a bit of wakame (seaweed).



  1. Sam said

    Mmmm…. chilli bean paste is sooooo good. I will def. remember to send you the tofu/chilli bean paste recipe this week.

  2. Sam said

    BTW – your soup sounds good – though I imagine there are just something you want miso with!

  3. uinen said

    The soup was ok, but I think I used too much wine! It was a bit tangy, which is why isn’t wasn’t as good with a spicy dish. But it’s nice on a gloomy day: for some reason, I really love seaweed soup when it’s raining.

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