Tofu-tuna-veggie stir fry

Tofu-tuna-veggie stir fry

Tofu-tuna-veggie stir fry

Since I’m a pescetarian/lacto-ovo vegetarian (a.k.a. picky eater), people sometimes ask me how I get protein. The answer is: meals like this.

The “featured” ingredient in the stir fry is firm tofu, which has tons of protein—15 grams in 100 grams of tofu (less than a fourth of the package). Yusuke grilled the tofu in sesame oil and then added it to a stir fry of bean sprouts, carrots, white and green onions, and various seasonings. Next, he mixed in canned tuna—also very high in protein. And the final proteinious touch, to hold the stir fry together, was a couple of eggs, beaten and poured into the pan. We ate the dish topped with bonito flakes and a bit more soy sauce.

The soup is miso with mushrooms, green onions, and the remaining firm tofu. After this meal, I was properly fortified for the next arduous day of sitting in front of a computer screen…

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