Okra feast

Okra feast

Okra feast

On Friday, I went on my usual shopping trip to the lovely, albeit oddly-named, Fruits Rocky Montana market near our apartment (a strange little Indian place). Okra was on sale. So I bought lots.

Yusuke enthusiastically prepared a simple and tasty okra feast. For one dish, he boiled the okra and then chopped it up, as finely as possible. We ate it mixed with a little soy sauce (of course) and bonito flakes. The sticky texture made it perfect with rice. The other dish was more of a salad, with shrimp and larger pieces of okra, and a dressing of soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. The soup was one of Yusuke’s favourite stand-bys: miso with eggs and green onions.

Simple food tastes so good.

We also did a bit of wiki-research while we were eating. Yusuke had assumed okra was Japanese, while I just associate it with the southern U.S. Turns out that the word and the plant are from west Africa.


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